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1. This weekend, I started playing xbox while on the treadmill.  I’m trying to get used to walking all the time.

2. My long distance girlfriend broke up with me.  She’s living a hard hard life right now and it’s not surprising that any actual kind of regular interaction would be too much. Personal feelings aside, it frees me up to do this even more than I was before.

3. Work has gotten sketchy.  This again, is a good thing.  I won’t feel bad or conflicted about starting a fundraiser.  I just need to make it to June. 6 Months and go.

4. A notice came in the mail saying I need to send notice to vacate 60 days ahead of time. I’m going to.  That puts me without a lease by the end of March. I think I’ll get a room for 2 months, crash with friends for 1 month if they’ll have me.

5. I started boxing things up that I want to get rid of tonight. Some I will give away, some we will burn at my funeral.