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..when they sang “..don’t walk away….don’t walk away…”

It’s a simple plan, really.  I’m going to throw myself away and see if there’s anything left underneath. The material trappings and baggage are anchors to a ship which has already sunk. So, come spring, I am going to light it on fire and walk away.  Everything I don’t need to survive will be gone and my lease will not be renewed.   I’m going to give away or torch every crutch, excuse, and alibi I have.

Goodbye, self.  Maybe someone else will come out at the end of this walk, maybe not.

Euphemism? No, I really think I’m going to walk – probably from the east coast of the United States to the west.  The southern route. I always wanted to spend time in the desert.

Training has already started,  I’ve begun acquiring gear, and the budget is in motion to close out my life.

(This was already summed up in my About page, but tonight I needed to remind myself and see if it still felt right after writing it again.)