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Sometimes you meet someone who has fought harder, longer, and with more integrity and passion than you ever could.

Sometimes you meet someone who’s faults stack up like bodies against castle walls but who still manages to be more than anyone else.

Sometimes you meet someone who has stood alone against life’s armies, and who, victorious, with sword in hand, still asks for more.

Sometimes, you wish someone would quietly put a bullet in the back of their head. They shouldn’t have to see or know that the next army is coming, the one that won’t ever stop and which will finally overwhelm them.

Some people have done enough. They deserve peace.  They shouldn’t have to be strong enough to watch the tidal wave’s final approach. They shouldn’t have to feel like it wasn’t enough that they couldn’t hold the whole world on their back.

Dear god, please give an ounce of quiet and solace to the deserved.